As per SCCM 2012 build 1806 it is possible to deploy MSIX packages. In this article, I will describe all the steps that are needed to deploy a MSIX package on a Windows 10 v1809 client.

In the article Package and install a MSIX package Paint.Net 4.1.5 was packaged as a MSIX package. In Create a MSIX modification package a modification package was created to add some addins. In this article both applications will be used.

Before you can install a MSIX package on a client, you have to:

  1. Deploy the certificate
  2. Enable sideloading apps

This can be done via policies:

Certficate in Trusted Root

Sideload apps

Before the Paint.Net Addin package can be deployed, it is mandatory to have the dependency application deployed first. 

Description Picture
PaintNet has been distributed to all the distribution points as it is a dependency application (SCCM wise).
Paint.Net deployment type.
Paint.Net has been distributed to all distribution points.

 After implementing the dependency application the addin application can be deployed:


Description Picture
Create a new application in SCCM. Click [Browse] to select the msix file.
Browse to the msix plugin file.
Click [Next]
Click [Next]
Check the details and click [Next]
Confirm the settings and click [Next]
Click [Close]
Go to the properties of the deployment type.
Go to the Dependencies tab and click [Add]
Fill in the dependency group name and click [Add]
Find the PaintNet application and click [Ok]
Click [Ok]
Click [Apply]
Click [Ok]
Changing the icon that shows up in Software Center.
Properties of the application.
Go to the tab Application Catalog and click [Browse]
Find the correct icon to show in Software Center.
Click [Apply]
Click [Ok]
Deploy the application.
Select the collection and click [Next]
Select the distribution points and click [Next]
Click [Next]
Click [Next]
Click [Next]
Click [Next]
Click [Next]
Click [Finish]

 And last but not least test the deployment on the client:


Description Picture
Find the application in Software Center.
Double click on the application.
Click [Install]
Close software center after a successful installation.
Start the application from the Start Menu
The addins are visible.
And the addins are used.