Upgrading Application Compatibility Toolkit (ACT) 5.6 to 6.0 to support Windows 8


This article is about upgrading the Microsoft Application Compatibility Toolkit 5.6 to 6.0 to support Windows 8.

The environment:

  • Windows 2008 R2 x64 server
  • ACT 5.6
  • SQL Server 2008 on another server
  • Service Account (ACT) is used to access the ACT Share and to communicate with the SQL Server.
Action Screen
Make sure that the service account (‘ACT’ in this case) has ‘Create any database’ permission on the SQL Server where the database is stored. 01-ACT60
Start ACT as an administrator. 02-ACT60
The starting situation. 03-ACT60
To force an update-check select this option. 04-ACT60
Click on ‘Check here for more information’. 05-ACT60
Read the information on http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=30652. 06-ACT60
Click ‘Upgrade now’. 07-ACT60
Click [Run] 08-ACT60
Select ‘I accept the Microsoft .NET Framework license terms’.
Click [Accept & Install]
Click [Next] 10-ACT60
Make your own choice.
Click [Next]
Click [Accept] 12-ACT60
The default settings. 13-ACT60
Select and unselect the features you need or don’t need.
Click [Install]
Just wait while the features are installed. 15-ACT60
Click [Close] 16-ACT60
Click [Close] 17-ACT60
Leave ACT. 18-ACT60
Start ACT60 via the start menu. 19-ACT60
Click [Ok] 20-ACT60
Click [Change] 21-ACT60
Select the SQL server and the database.
Click [Next]
Give a ‘New Database’ name.
Click [Finish]
Enter the password.
Click [Apply]
Click [Ok] 25-ACT60

Modify the permissions on the new created database

Action Screen
Create a new user on the new ACTTEST60 database.  26-ACT60
Assign the roles:

  • Db_datareader
  • Db_datawriter
  • Db_owner

to the service account.

Click [Ok]

If the Act Log Processing Service is not running, start it. 28-ACT60
And make sure that it keeps a ‘Started’ state. 29-ACT60

Create the Data Collector Packages.

Action Screen
Start ‘Application Compatibility Manager’ as an administrator. 19-ACT60
There are no Data Collection Packages anymore.
So they have to be created again.
Click on the icon ‘Create new data collection package’. 31-ACT60
Click on ‘Inventory collection package’. 32-ACT60
Enter all the details.
Click [Create]
Click [Save] 34-ACT60
Click [Finish] 35-ACT60

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