Jul 12 2014

Error: The application Failed to Launch (0X0DF01625-00000534)


When preparing the content for my article User Environment Variables in App-V 5.0 with SP1, SP2 and SP2 Hotfix 4 I got this error:

The application Failed to Launch (0X0DF01625-00000534)

The application Failed to Launch (0X0DF01625-00000534)

On my search I found this solution: Error Running Scripts (5.0 SP2). The weird this is that the script worked like a charm in SP1 but in SP2 it crashes. And all the C++ 2010 runtime modules where in place.

So I ended up adding my computer in a domain. And all the issues where solved… I really have no idea why this worked for me. Same computer, the only difference was adding it to a domain…

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