Create a MSIX modification package


In my article package and install a MSIX package I described the steps to install a single MSIX package. In this article I will create a nodification package. Paint.Net will be modified with a package that installs some addins.

The packaging order:

  1. Revert the packaging machine to a clean state.
  2. Install the main application and reboot afterwards to avoid pending reboots.
  3. Capture the installation of the dependency application (or modification package).
  4. Cleanup
  5. Test

Install the main application and capture the installation of the dependency application.

Revert the VM to a clean state and install the main application. Reboot after the installation to avoid pending reboots.
Start the MSIX packaging tool and select modification package.
Enter the VM details.
Enter package information
Disable the services that you do not need.
Click [Next]
Start the addon package installation.
Click [Next] when done.
You can't start the application as it does not have any shortcuts.
Save the 'raw' version.
Click [Create]
Click [Close]
Enter the package details, including certificate details.
Perform the cleanup.
Save the cleaned up version.
Click [Close]

Testing the dependency application with PowerShell.

If you use PowerShell to import the certificate you can skip the steps to import the certificate manually.

Start the certificate manager to import a certificate.
Browse to pfx file,
Enter the password.
Add the certificate to the Trusted Root Certification Authorities.
Click [Finish]
Click [Ok]
Start Settings -> Updates and Security -> For Developpers.
Enable sideload apps,
Click [Close]
You cannot install the update package first. It will throw up an error.
Install the main application first, followed by the update package.
And the addons are used (1-2)
And the addons are used (2-2)
Alternatively, you can install both the main and update package in one PowerShell command.
And a progress bar.

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